Tele2 Russia – Radio Components’ largest customer is expanding into new regions
Kista, 2007-11-16

Radio Components’ largest customer, Tele2 Russia, today announces that it has been awarded a number of new GSM licenses in Russia. In total, Tele2 has been allocated 17 licenses in the 1800 MHz spectrum, covering a population of 19.1 million subscribers.

These new licenses will increase the pace of rollout for Tele2 in Russia and thus increasing the rollout of Radio Components’ Tower Mounted Boosters towards Tele2.

These new licenses add to the success of Tele2 in Russia. Tele2 has rapidly become operator number four in the market, basing its rollout on only 1800 Mhz spectrum. Radio Components’ TMBs are crucial in this rollout in order to increase the coverage of the network while decreasing the number of sites needed in order to create a cost-efficient rollout.

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