Radio Components extends its customer base in Russia
Sweden, 2008-09-29

Radio Components Sweden is since long a key supplier to Tele2 Russia for TMB technology (Tower Mounted Boosters), enabling a GSM network coverage comparable with GSM 900MHz using only the 1800 MHz spectrum.

Recently, Radio Components has started to deliver TMB equipment to two new customers in Russia, through its distributor RayCom Wireless. These new customers have been inspired by the benefits of TMB technology and use the TMB equipment to increase the coverage of selected base stations.

“We are happy to see more operators in Russia adhere to the innovative TMB technology supplied by Radio Components. Our success with Tele2 Russia is clearly spreading to other customers in the region” says Jakob Larsen, CEO of Radio Components Sweden AB.


For further questions, please contact Jakob Larsen at or +46 70 453 65 52.