Radio Components makes breakthrough in Latin America
Radio Components has recently secured several TMB (Tower Mounted Booster) contracts with important operators in Latin America. The focus markets for Radio Components in Latin America are Mexico, Brazil, Colombia and Argentina, where operators show strong demand for TMB solutions in order to increase coverage and capacity in a cost efficient way.

¨We have made a comprehensive effort in order to bring our message to the market, and we now see that customers are responding positively and adopting our TMB concept”, says Olle Ulvenholm, VP Marketing and Sales Latin America at Radio Components. “We have established outstanding relationships with our customers and have the logistics in place to expand our business even further”.

Radio Components is in parallel expanding the marketing efforts into South East Asia, India and Europe. The benefits of Radio Components' TMB technology is well recognized by operators in general, and especially by our existing customers.

For further information please contact Olle Ulvenholm at +46 70 850 09 00.

Radio Components was founded in 1999. The company designs, manufactures and sells Tower Mounted Boosters (TMBs) to mobile operators across the world in order for them to increase coverage and capacity in a cost efficient way. Radio Components reported a turnover of 120 MSEK and positive cash flow for 2007.